Faculty Development Programmes

  1. Training Programme for Master Trainers of Training Partner Scheme of ASAP, Model Technical Higher Secondary School
  2.  ‘Ms Excel Essentials For Academicians’, Rajagiri College Of Social Sciences.
  3. ‘Outcomes-Based Education’ Inpods, India.
  4. ‘Practical Machine Learning’, Sacred Heart  College.

International Webinars/Workshops.

  1. ‘Vibrating Information Technology In Post Covid-19 Situation’,St. Paul Institute Of Professional Studies, Indore
  2. Five Days Inter National Workshop On ‘Art Of Writing A Research Paper’, Sacred Heart College

National Webinars/Workshops

  1. Three Days Webinar On “Applied Data Science”, Brainybeam Technologies And Sigma Institute Of Engineering, Vadodara.
  2.  Equiz on ‘Emerging Trends in Netweork Security’ Government Arts College, Tamilnadu

Regional Seminars/Workshops

  1. Orientation Programme for Academic Counsellors, IGNOU Regional Centre, Kaloor.Workshop on ‘Android Application Development’  Amrita School of arts and sciences, Kochi
  2. Seminar on ‘Autonomy for Colleges- A Means to Quality Enhancement in Higher education: The dimensions of Governance, Leadership and management’, S.H. College, Thevara
  3. Seminar on ‘Mobile Technology: Android & its Future’, S H College, Thevara
  4. Workshop on Python Programming tool for Data Science, Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi
  5. Workshop on ‘The Philosophical Framework in Curriculum Design, Evaluation and Academic Mentoring’ by Kerala State Higher Education Council, S. H College, Thevara
  6. Seminar on ‘Successful Autonomous Colleges in India’ by the support of Kerala State Higher Education Council,  S H College, Thevara
  7. A certification course on ” Cyber Security Essential Skills Training programme, S.H. College
  8. Member of panel discussion on the topic ” Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure”, RedTeam, Hacker Academy
  9. Seminar on Current and Emerging Technologies in crypto-currency, Machine Learning, IOT and Future computing, St.Teresa’s College.

Regional Webinars

  1.  ‘Agile Methodology’, Ust- Global
  2.  ‘Bitcoin And Block Chain’, Sacred Heart College, Thevara.
  3. ‘Block Chain Powering The Future’,Union Christian College Aluva
  4. ‘Data Science’, Sacred Heart College, Thevara.
  5. ‘Impact Of Digital Signal Processing In Real Life Applications”,Union Christian College Aluva
  6. ‘Block Chain Demystified’,Sacred Heart College
  7. ‘Concepts Of Cloud Computing’, Sacred Heart College
  8. ‘Cyber Security Fundamentals’, Sacred Heart College
  9. ‘Digital Signalling’, Sacred Heart College
  10. ‘Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence’, Sacred Heart College
  11. ‘Statistic Scope And Opportunities’, Sacred Heart College
  12. ‘Introduction To Machine Learning For Statisticians’, Sacred Heart College, Thevara.
  13. ‘Introduction To Virtualization’,Sacred Heart College, Thevara.
  14. ‘NAAC  Accreditation For Autonomous/ Affiliated Colleges’, St Thomas College(Autonomous) , Thrissur
  15. ‘Outcome-Based Education’, St.Thomas College, Thrissur.
  16. ‘Preparing For Online Learning’, Sacred Heart College, Thevara.
  17. ‘Preparing For Online Teaching’, Sacred Heart College, Thevara.
  18. ‘Post Corona Issues- Impact On Our Health And Environment’, K E College, Mannanam
  19. ‘Covidanathara Vayanakal’, K E College, Mannanam
  20. ‘Introduction To Statistical Modeling And Applications In The Data Science’, Sacred Heart College, Thevara

Interested Areas

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Scripting Languages
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms